Project and Engineering Engineer (1 year contact)

สถานที่ปฏิบัติงาน : Map Ta Phut, Rayong


  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum of 5 – 10 years’ experience in Project engineer or Mechanical Engineer
  • Age not over 35 Years
  • Knowledge in international codes & standard ASTM, ASME B31.3, ASME Sec.8 Div.1, ASME Sec.2,5,9,10 API620,650,660 and TEMA
  • Experience in design, estimation and installation for Rotating and Static Equipment (Pump, Compressor, Vessel, Tank, Exchanger etc.)
  • Experience in Chemical, Petrochemical or Refinery would be advantage.
  • Knowledge, understanding in safety and risk assessment of small-medium project work Produce or inspect JMS / JSA / Lifting Plan
  • Proficient in English both spoken and written
  • Leadership, Interpersonal skill
  • Planning skill, Problem solving and Decision making skills.


  • Create Scope of Work, TOR, MR, TBE in Static Equipment Fabrication and Installation
  • Providing technical design to support new projects or reliability and ensure to comply with specification and codes to avoid further damage and plant shutdown. Execute project which include identify project scope cost estimate, obtain budget approval, budget control, detail design, quality control, schedule control.
  • Provide specialist input to and/or review Basis of Design. Prepare detail estimated budget at require accuracy, economic evaluation of the investment, project schedule, preparing justification for expenditure request on the assigned projects. Present the above to the investment      steering committee for review and approval.
  • Co-ordinate all aspects of engineering project in central support to ensure timely completion within the approved funds and in accordant to company procedures.
  • Co-ordinate with all concerned parties in central support, identify project major tasks and critical path to achieve target (time & budget) effectively.
  • Participate with team member through construction completion and turn over to the asset owner.
  • Maintain effective control of the expenditure of all investment funds required for engineered item. Understanding cost center, account code, cost report, accrual including term of payment.
  • Preparing new equipment requisitions for new project and replacement of the existing. Requisitioning project material, equipment and co-ordinate delivery to the required schedule.
  • Co-ordinate with buyer/procurement to sort out all required materials, specify long lead item, delivery processing.
  • Work as a HAZOP team member.
  • Coordinating construction safety review to ensure safe and smooth construction.
  • Review or coordinate review with other parties to ensure successful construction of the project.
  • Responsible in modification control and record per Management of Change (MOC) Procedure.
  • Control and update MOC, project and documentation staff in responsible area to ensure that technical documentation is up to date.
GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited
GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited

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