Field Instrument Calibration

Moreover, GCME provides Electrical  Maintenance Services including electrical tools installation and analysis report base on IEC standard with professional suggestion. Not only maintenance service but also we will recommend for plant reliability improvement with our best solution.

GCME provide instrument maintenance services including installation tools, accuracy measurement and analyst report suggestion base on IEC standard. GCME also improved your reliability with our best solution.

Tools and Equipment:

  1. Installation and Replacement instrument
    tools Service
  2. Calibration Service
    • Electrical: Analog/Digital multi-meter,
      Analog/Digital Clamp meter
    • ressure: Transmitter, Pressure switch,
      Control valve& On-off  valve
    • Temperature: T/C, RTD, LIG,
      Thermometer, IR Thermometer
  3. Quality Measurement Instruments (QMI)
    • Flue gas analyzer and CO2 monitor :
      Gas Chromatograph,
    • Oxygen Analyzer, Continuous Emission
      Monitoring (CEMs) Analyzer etc.

Electrical Maintenance Services

  • Power transformer/NGR/OLTC and
    Oil Di-electric test
  • Current transformer & Voltage
    transformer test
  • Switchgear and Breaker
    (Low-Medium Voltage)
  • Protective Relay test
  • Metering and Transducer test
  • Bus bar and Bus duct
  • Capacitor bank
  • Electric Motor (Low-Medium Voltage)
  • Power cable DC high potential test
  • Earthling & Grounding system


GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited
GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited

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