Fired Heater and Boiler Maintenance

GCME provides integrated solutions for the periodical and Repair Maintenance, Coil Replacement. Fired Heater, Furnace and Boiler are Critical machines which directly impact safety and reliability.

GCME provides specialist, sufficient tools and experienced team to support the sustainability of our valued clients.

Tools and Equipment:

  • Beavering Machine 2” to 6”
  • Welding Machine 300 AMP
  • Automatic Welding Machine


  • Repair,  Replacement and
  • Furnace 
  • Boiler
  • Fired Heater


  • Furnace at GC2, GC3, GC11   
  • Boiler at GC2, GC 3, TOCGC    
  • Fired Heater at GC4, GC5, GC6


GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited
GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited

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