Power has Returned @ Ta Guan Small Boat Fishing Community

In Rayong we have many Local Fishing Communities, Ta Guan Small Boat Fishing Community plays a vital role in our famous fresh seafood industries, a powerful economic driver, by creating jobs, boosting rural development, enhancing food security, and stimulating supporting industries.

There is a must to relocate some power poles in Ta Guan Community resulted to the Power Outage on March 12th, 2024, the need to use the power remains the same, while the wheel is in motion, We, GC Maintenance and Engineering (GCME), together with PTT Global Chemical (GC), using their capabilities and resources to work along with and being proud to be a part to restore the power back there, team led by Mr. Thanakorn Suksom, our Foreman in GCME Tank Maintenance Division, Plant Equipment Department.

Associate herewith GCME Core Values, especially focused on Team Working, are our personal ethics or ideals that guide us when making decisions, building relationships and solving problems ultimately Serving for Public Benefits. It is meaningful to us can help the Power at Ta Guan Small Boat Fishing Community backed on.

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GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited
GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited

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