Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning is one of our service that we provide to customers with special manufactured equipment and piping system in skid for continuous re-circulation to remove scales, deposits and unwanted Materials from type of process equipment, piping system and wetted/heated surface.

During each chemical operation, we provide GCME Laboratory and system monitoring which specialized analytical device onsite to get result immediately for saving operating cost.

Tools and Equipment:

  • CIP Machine
  • CIP Machine -001-004
  • CTV-001
  • STV-001
  • STH-001
  • SAC-001
  • Waste Tank (3 Unit)
  • Mixing Tank


  • Chemical Cleaning/ Passivation
  • Decontaminate
  • Tank Cleaning (Light/Heavy Product)
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Pipeline Cleaning



GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited
GCME – GC Maintenance and Engineering Company Limited

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